Hello both, I have just read the introduction to your game/activity. I think it's truly wonderful. So simple yet with the right group of people it could evoke so many lost memories and stories. Without, the facilitator can dip into a selection of wonderful poems, peppered with humour! It's brilliant and I really don't think I can add anything to it apart from my approval! Well done both, it will be a game that can be played over and over again. I'll show my mum and see if she has any additional thought as she has worked in and around dementia and has written several books for Age concern etc. I will also dig out granny's poem (Cathy)


 ‘Staging Posts is a wonderful game for encouraging conversation, connectedness and understanding. The collection of poetry and prose is a treasure chest of delights. I feel sure that old and young alike will be fascinated to learn of one another's lives in a very interesting and stimulating way.’  Pippa Haywood


This is a brilliant game. It brings people of any age together in a way that encourages friendly sharing and reflection. It can be used by any small group at home or in a residential home and is particularly helpful in bringing young and old together.  Bishop Richard Harries


I thought the game was wonderful.  We have enjoyed playing the game with residents and will carry on playing it. I would say it’s like a different game every time I play.  The residents are getting to know each other more.

Listening to the conversations they were having, all the different topics, lots of laughter and reminiscing.  I liked playing the game with 3-4 residents. They were remembering different times in their lives which sent them on different journeys so they had lots of stories.  Cedrus House , Care UK at Ravenswood (Gaynor McGlade)


The game is available shortly – Launch price £50